Ceramic ball valves in water treatment applications

Compared to solenoid valves, ceramic ball valves offer improved longevity and wear resistance, and decrease costs. According to Anelia Hough, water therapy marketing consultant at Allmech, a number one South African manufacturer of boilers and provider of water therapy elements, they’re best for water-saving methods, industrial computerized control systems, automated sewage systems, environmental safety initiatives, water supply and drainage, meals and water treatment, and irrigation methods.
Hough says that the proprietary 3-way Runxin valves that Allmech shares have confirmed particularly useful in water treatment functions.
“Recently, one of our prospects installed a filtration plant to deal with surface water coming from a close-by river,” she says. “Water turbidity was the principle challenge. Due to the quality of incoming water, the backwash cycle needed cleaned, filtered water. The objective in this utility was to make sure the filter media beds have been totally cleaned during backwash cycles. During a backwash, the media should be adequately raised and mixed to do away with contaminants. We installed a single L-shaped 3-way ceramic valve as a substitute of two solenoid valves, switching or diverting the flow direction of the incoming water between raw river water and filtered water. When เกจวัดแรงดันไทวัสดุ of units need clean water diverted, there’s an exponential saving.”
In the service position, the 3-way valve allowed raw water from the river to be treated, however as soon as the control valve place was changed back to begin the backwash, the 3-way valve changed position to allow clean water for backwash cycle to enter the valve.
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Another Allmech buyer operates a dairy manufacturing facility that operates 24/7. Part of the company’s operation is its boiler, which offers steam into the ability. A duplex water softener was put in with two softener management valves.
“The Runxin F74 softener management valves have a perform to interlock valves in parallel system to have one valve in regeneration, but the different valve is in service,” says Hough. “Allmech installed a 3-way valve to alter the water move from standby unit to the service unit within seconds. The objective on this utility was to make sure gentle water would be equipped 24/7 to the boiler. Because the system ensured that one valve was regenerating whereas the opposite was in service, the client only required one brine tank, which resulted in additional price savings.”
Runxin’s ceramic ball valves supplies a number of design options to improve efficiency in comparison with ball valves made from traditional supplies, the most important of which is the longevity of the elements. The valves are hermetically-sealed, so that they have extremely high resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and chemical substances, to stand up to the hardest water therapy challenges. The ball cores and seats are precisely ground in pair to ensure zero leakage. Each of the plastic choices comes with a alternative of connection between metric female thread and uPVC Glue and a few of the valves are available in several grades of steel.

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